Working with others often increases involvement in learning. When all principles are practiced, there are six other forces in education that surface: activity, expectations, cooperation, interaction, diversity, and responsibility. 13. Yes, we can separate our students to allow some to consolidate while others learn more on the subject. Having these 4 principles in mind when conducting a Team-Based Learning session will allow you to help your students become increasingly capable of not only understanding the new concepts you are trying to communicate but also of being able to apply them in different contexts which will be immensely useful for them in their future careers. Team TeachingThis is an approach or organizing teaching personnel to improveInstruction. 2. or. Reminders and examples are a good way to remind yourself when the spirit of teamwork drifts out of reach. Team-based learning (TBL) is a collaborative learning and teaching strategy that enables people to follow a structured process to enhance student engagement and the quality of student or trainee learning. photo credit: HogPix ™ (Verwoodspring) via photopin cc. 1. Team Teaching