The ASL fingerspelling provided here is most commonly used for proper names of people and places; it is also used in some languages for concepts for which no sign is available at that moment. Check out Muffle similar words like Muffle, Muffler and … Sway definition is - the action or an instance of swaying or of being swayed : an oscillating, fluctuating, or sweeping motion. Learn more. Reverberated from a cavity, or resembling such a sound; deep; muffled. Writer Bio. a projecting ridge on a mountain or submerged under water. ... A muffled fart (Che ‘Urfi che Faizi ba pesh-e tu phus) Poor Bedil is greatly alarmed, particularly because the … Urdu meanings, examples and pronunciation of timber. in Urdu.Muffled prim definition: 1. very formal and correct in behaviour and easily shocked by anything rude: 2. very formal and…. the indistinct murmur of voices. Dull and Softened. Sense 2. A hallucination is a perception in the absence of external stimulus that has qualities of real perception. Look it up now! A muffled sound is quiet or not clear: 2. It is said to have originated from the pre-Muslim Dardic communities of Pakistan. When the port of Boston was closed by Great Britain in 1774 the bell of the old First Parish Church (Unitarian) of Portland (built 1740; the present building dates from 1825) was muffled and rung from morning till night, and in other ways the town showed its sympathy for the patriot cause. The muffled tones of the broken bell summoned them to meet. + leaves meaning in urdu 09 Dec 2020 The DAS28 is a measure of disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Muffle definition, to wrap with something to deaden or prevent sound: to muffle drums. The definition of Muffle is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. Noun. Shafii (شفيعي) Meaning: my patron 5. suppressed. Command in Punjabi. It doesn't happen all the time and there is no hearing loss. quality meaning in Urdu (Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US: 1) quality. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Tone but also gives extensive definition in English language. Hint punctuation tip look at the opposite of more than 18 of them, noting a couple of books and movies to illustrate its points. Synonyms. Muffle definition: If something muffles a sound, it makes it quieter and more difficult to hear . Word: Holla: Italian Meaning: holla a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal); his bellow filled the hallway / Hollo. 2. Synonyms: dull; muffled; muted; softened. However, it will allow you to learn the appropriate use of Muffled in a sentence. Another word for muffled. Command meaning in other languages. You have searched the English word "Muffle" which meaning "غط" in Arabic. snarky vs. sarcastic Synonym Discussion of sarcastic. The muffled tones of the broken bell summoned them to meet. Princeton's WordNet (5.00 / 2 votes) Rate this definition: dull, ... (Urdu) Magyar (Hungarian) मानक हिन्दी (Hindi) Indonesia (Indonesian) Context example: children muffled almost to the eyebrows Noun. Shawq (شوق) Meaning: longing 4. This can be understood through: 1. Ledge Meaning in Urdu 1252. Muffled voices from the past. Urdu meanings, examples and pronunciation of quality. Muddle definition, to mix up in a confused or bungling manner; jumble. Relief for Airplane Ear Pain. Muffled Total Number of words made out of Muffled = 52 Muffled is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 16 points. How to use muffled in a sentence. The conversation around them was resumed, but in subdued tones. stutter meaning in Urdu (Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US: 1) stutter. Mandate Arabic meaning along with definition. She stood waiting in the dim light. There are other meanings, one of which is the opposite of hungry, but it does not mean ‘full’ or ‘stuffed’, simply not hungry. Utilize the online English to Urdu dictionary to check the Urdu meaning of English word. Synonyms. What would cause a muffled thumping sound in my left ear (almost like hearing a heart beat)? in Urdu writing script is Search meanings in Urdu to get the better understanding of the context. Related : Vibrancy Stridency Music. It is the perception that decides and identifies what has been sensed. Spanish words for muffled include sordo and apagado. Muffled Command meaning in Punjabi. The treatment of cardiac tamponade has two purposes. Definition of muffled in the dictionary. Similar words of dictionary is not only popular among students but also popular among professionals; it is one of the best online dictionaries in Pakistan and Worldwide especially in "English to Urdu Meaning" & "Urdu to English Meaning" of thousands of daily use and typical words. An essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone. “There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.” 1.