The name Aygo is ok but I like Nova better. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising., rashakor “The USA average consumer is fundamentally dumb! Too bad there’s no spell checker in the posting mechanism here. 1. I’m sure it has some potential, but not with just minor modifications. Its the perfect everyday city car! This segment is a comer in the U.S. Verdict - currently reading. The Toyota Aygo is cheap to run and affordable to buy, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on quality. 2018 Toyota Aygo 1.0 VVT-i X-Style 5dr Find cars like this for sale near you. Thinking on fun and enjoyment 1. Toyota Aygo review The Toyota Aygo is frugal, fun and has fashionable looks, but there’s tough city car competition. And people say that Scion xBs are slow but they’re 5 seconds faster 0-60. Turning circle? Hopefully not fatted up / dumbed down like the second-gen Scion Xb Paul Niedermeyer wrote about on this very website. “The car I drove had front discs only, but ABS, front airbags, side airbags. Pick the best engine and compare performance with similar cars. But within the realm of “slow,” the Aygo is still a remarkably chuckable, consistent and maneuverable vehicle. The Aygo could well be the least expensive car to own in Europe. Does (could)the Euro Aygo have the safety features required by US cars? You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy. Whereas the Yugo was a two-box Golf clone pummeled with an ugly stick, The Yugo, Belgrade’s finest, was a FIAT derivative. – The passenger’s electric window control is on the passenger door. It’s an aesthetically convincing answer to a difficult question: how the Hell do you fit four adults into a shoebox-on-wheels? Met wat krasjes, 1 band met n scheur en behoorlijk vies. After all even this car had to split the cost three ways between Toyota Peugeot and Citroen and then it had to be made in eastern europe to make it economically feasible. Read the Honest John Review. My wife really likes the Aygo… ;-). Toyota Aygo Platinum Picture #77918, from our gallery, which contains 6 high resolution images of the model. Yet, Toyota does manage to distinguish itself from the others by making the car more desirable. The Toyota's pedals are light yet well weighted relative to each other, while braking is respectable in the dry and good in the wet. We are really happy to present you Toyota Aygo 2007. American consumers have responded rationally to the low gas price environment and general lack of space constraints by favoring many other factors over fuel efficiency, simple as that. Toyota predicts service and repair costs of about $600 for the first 60K miles. For the Western world, they are pretty exotic — they make a car underdisplaced and overly narrow. Toyota does so by offering more daring looks and the possibility to customise the car to the driver's taste. Scion sold 50,000 plus Xbs a year, limited only by their own production capacity. Upsides: Gridlock hasn’t reached the freeways here and decent acceleration has a practical side to it, self preservation. Other than its stylishness, the Aygo’s trump card is money. Combined with a complete lack of lockable storage space, it’s a major drawback for practically-minded and/or financially challenged buyers. Check out the latest toyota aygo review, news, specifications, prices, photos and videos articles on top speed! 10% lower emissions caused by a minor difference? Fun to drive and doesn’t look like a overweight, cancerous blob? Toyota aygo usata 2007. Toyota predicts service and repair costs of about $600 for the first 60K miles. Yet, Toyota does manage to distinguish itself from the others by making the car more desirable. Short trips though. The Toyota Aygo is the Japanese giant's smallest and cheapest car. The Aygo’s tiny turning circle makes U-turns quick and stress-free, and there’s pleasure to be had in a spirited screeching-tire jounce up a parking garage's ramp. Want to buy the best car? Year: 2007- Make: Toyota. Other than its stylishness, the Aygo’s trump card is money. Horsepower @ RPM: 0@0 . Discover the best cars you can buy, as rated by independent experts at Which?. The Toyota Aygo on the road review including ride and handling information. Nice review and certainly an appealing vehicle at today’s gas prices and given my wife’s inability to parallel park or even back up without drama. Designers inspired by speedboat cabin when styling the interior 6. The latest review of Toyota AYGO measures performance, economy, comfort, practicality and reliability. (To achieve this performance, Colin and I recommend removing passengers.). Check specs, prices, performance and compare with similar cars. Whereas the Yugo was a two-box Golf clone pummeled with an ugly stick, the Aygo is a one-box mini-minivan (complete with severely raked windscreen) that fits within the Japanese car-as-Pokemon design theme. I dunno how big a market there is for cars smaller than the Yaris in America, but if there is such a market, I’m sure the Aygo would dominate it. Except … you cannot buy an Aygo for $10,000 US in Europe. Looking at the length and engine size of the Aygo, it appears to be an upengined Kei car (it seems to meet the current 3.4 meter maximum length requirement, but its engine exceeds the 0.66 liter maximum displacement requirement). I thought this review was extremely well written and very informative. I don’t know that Colin Chapman wanted to “add lightness,” as much as he wanted to not add weight; such as we have in the typical American behemoths now known as “SUVs” that replaced the typical American behemoths known as “full-sized American cars,” shortly after the demise of the latter in the early Eighties. Get both manufacturer and user submitted pics. Refinement is great, provided you’re OK with an unfair amount of road roar. Plus, most urban driving is zero to 30 or 35, and I bet this machine is plenty powerful enough for that. one thing though: The Aygo could well be the least expensive car to own in Europe. KEEP IT UP and maybe we will see soem of these cars here! This is a city car which can also be easily driven at 80mph for hours, if needed. Remember we said that this was a car that, in its fundamental form, had been around since 2005? Shows to be a respectable little machine, and 51.13 MPG doesn’t hurt either, if that is an accurate number. Hooray – more Euro focused reviews! 1. Over here the NCAP tests also include pedestrian safety. As Maslow noted, if need fulfillment is easy, then the natural next step is to ascend the pyramid and fulfill your wants, too. The Toyota Aygo is a city car sold by Toyota in Europe since 2005. – Aygo: 107 g/km When I bought it the Citroen salesman (who smelled of booze at 10 in the morning) was pushing me to buy a C3 for the same price. All under the European driving cycle. ... in an effort to make the Aygo more refined at cruising speeds. Try Which? 3 door Manual Petrol Hatchback. There are chunky-funky backlit polycarbonate climate controls, plenty of small bins, a large iPodable audio system– and that's all. The Aygo’s front seat occupants enjoy plenty of headroom, legroom and knee room. Unexpectedly, it also has a lot of character. City cars have very small profit margins so there just wasn’t a sensible business case to start from scratch. 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