The CP Group operates on a committee structure as described on this page.

Blue Group: Grow the Organization

  1. Educate both non disabled and disabled students through schools / college About the CP group
  2. Develop more caucuses in other parts of the County for those individuals who cannot attend the conference in Rockville

Red Group: Communication

  1. Provide Education Programs encourage exposure
  2. Show our abilities through presentations; website
  3. Break down attitudinal barriers

Yellow Group: Consulting/Mentoring

  1. Provide education to the Medical Community
  2. Provide mentoring activities to youth with disabilities

Green Group: Obtaining Funding

  1. Creating a strategic funding plan that reflects all the activities of the CP Group
  2. Develop Funding Proposals to request support for specific activities
  3. Obtain funding to use for scholarships for individuals to attend the CP Conference
  4. Build on the membership fee structure
  5. Approach big corporations & foundations with these proposals
  6. Recruit MBA Students/Interns to assist with writing the strategic plan and/or proposals