FMPPI Framework for Management of Programme Performance Information . DPSA Homepage – The aim of the Department of Public Service and Administration is to lead the modernisation of the public service in South Africa, by assisting government departments to implement their management policies, systems and structural solutions, within a generally applicable framework … The policy/guide is designed to help line managers and personnel practitioners to be able to plan, develop performance contracts, monitor employee performance and conduct performance reviews and annual performance assessments. IMS Information Management System . The SMS Handbook is a detailed document that serves as a guide on the process to follow in managing SMS members’ performance throughout the assessment period. Performance information indicates how well an institution is … It also attempts to fill in various gaps identified by DPSA … For this purpose the DPSA (2007) has developed a pro-forma Employee Performance Management and Development System (EPMDS) as a framework for voluntary use by departments. In the 2020 Incentive Policy Framework the following definitions apply, unless the context indicates otherwise: 7.1. Performance Management Components: EPMDS consists of five basic components: 1. ICT Information and communications technologies . 2 The distinction between fundamental and implementation problems also raises the question of the approach to fixing the system. 5. However, much more needs to be done to comply. budget for non-OSD employees on salary levels 1 to 12, all OSD employees and SMS), for the purpose of resourcing departmental financial performance incentive schemes (including payment of performance bonuses). GIS Geographical information systems . PROCEDURE A. You will also find free HR policies, an HR Careers Page, an Events Calendar and interesting HR articles and industry updates. The primary orientation of performance management shall be developmental but shall allow for effective response to consistent inadequate performance and for recognising outstanding performance. GWMES Government-Wide Monitoring and Evaluation System . Performance and Development in the Public Service - last updated 25 August 2017 (PDF) (WORD) Performance and Development Guidance - last updated 6 September 2019 (PDF) Performance and Development Guidelines - Executive Officers - last updated 26 September 2019 (PDF) Completing the Performance and Development Cycle 2019-20 remotely (PDF) (WORD) Procedures & … 3.1 Bursary See Also: DPSA Circular <