Carol Alisesky

Member Since: 2004

Susan Alperen

Member Since: 2005

Joseph Amoroso

Member Since: 2006

Joe serves as the Administrator of Information and Assistance Services for the NJ Division of Disability Services.

Laura Antranigian

Member Since: 2006

I was on the Speaking Up For Us Board Self Advocacy state wide orginization for 4 years, and was Chairperson for two years. I am now a Developmental Disabilities Council member, and I am also on the Independence Plus Committee, and in the Leadership Institute.

Maureen Arcand

Member Since: 2004

Andrea Archer

Member Since: 2006

I currently work for an ADA (American with Disabilities Act) Center. There are 10 ADA centers in the United States. We offer trainings, materials and technical assistance on the ADA. I have worked with Independent Living Centers in Colorado. I really appreciate connecting with the staff of the centers and the consumers.

Thor Armbruster

Member Since: 2006

I have worked with the blind for the past 14 and half years. I currently am the assistant coordinator of the Post Secondary program. It is a joint venture between the Chris Cole rehab center and the Texas School for the Blind. My boss is the vice president of the Texas chapter of NFB. She keeps a fire going under me. For the past 8 months I have been co-host a radio show on "disabilities," called Breaking Boundaries.

Michael D. Aronin

Member Since: 2007

Michael Aronin is a nationally acclaimed speaker who teaches his audiences how to get past personal shortcomings and move forward productively in their careers. Being both a comedian and motivational speaker, he is able to make this difficult topic both entertaining and enlightening.

David Bauer

Member Since: 2000

-Co-founder of
-Former consultant to UCPA in the areas of aging, and sexuality
-Former Vice President of the Coalition of Sexuality and Disability
-Former board member of the Center for Independent Living in Manhattan, NY
-Former research associate of the Center for Disability and Health Policy Research, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Washington DC
-Former senior economist, The Conference Board NY, NY
-Former newsletter editor, Dateable, Washington DC

Bill Beck

Member Since: 2004

-Working the past 15yrs in Independent Living/Disability Advocacy
-MEd-Rehab Counseling & BS-Rehab Education Services (Penn State University)
-Board Member UCP of PA Board Member
-Former President C.A.D.E.S. (a former local UCP)
-Adapted rower & former adapted skier
-Former drummer
-Have been driving an adapted van for the past 20yrs+

Stephen Paul Bisig

Member Since: 2007

Kathryn Blisard

Member Since: 2004

Since 1997 I have been a consultant with my own shop - People Support Network of NJ. My major funding comes from the NJ DD Council. I work to release and prepare people in our state ICFMR's to return to community living per our Olmstead State Plan (such as it is). PSN also works in self-advocacy, creating "easy language" materials and recently we have begun to work on domestic and other violence's against women with disabilities. From 1990-1998 I worked for UCP of NJ and then NJ DD Council as a disability advocate. During this time I worked on the closure of two of our development centers.

Joanna Kay Bloodworth

Member Since: 2008

I am a Rehab Assistant for the sate of Arkansas for the Office of the Deaf and Spinal Cord, Ms. Wheelchair Arkansas 2008, and also a mother of three and grandmother of five.

Bill Clarke Bowman

Member Since: 2010

I work as a corporate librarian for a small consulting firm in Burlingame, and am also a public librarian. I recently helped organize the 2010 West Coast C.P. Conference. I have run two half-marathons (2:04 and 2:19) and still hope to run a full marathon in 2010.

Miriam Brady

Member Since: 2007

I am a 23 year old native of Washington D.C. I have added on to my experience as a person with cerebral palsy by working at the National Catholic Partnership on Disability, the ABLEDATA database, and starting the first advocacy group for students with disabilities at the College of William and Mary, where I received my bachelor's degree. I am currently volunteering full-time for the second of two years with the Capuchin Franciscan Volunteer Corps in NE DC, working with people with severe mental illness. I am excited to be attending the first Cerebral Palsy Group conference.

Gary Bruegging

Member Since: 2006

M.A. Degree in political science, Catholic University of America, 1981; B.A. Degree in political science, Principia College, 1972; AA Degree in general studies, Prince George's Community College, 1970; Paralegal Certificate, Prince George's Community College, 1989. I'm a retired Federal Government employee since 2003. Retired with 32 years experience mostly as a Technical Writer and Editor. I was born with cerebral palsy. My interests are in civil rights for the disabled, politics, and photography, travel, and sports. I've traveled extensively throughout the United States.

Bobby Butler

Member Since: 2008

I would love to obtain and secure a counseling position. Experience, 1996 Oklahoma State University Stillwater, Oklahoma Internship, Action Inc, Head Start Program (300 hours) Helped with weekly plans, sat in on planning committees, helped with lunch and recess duties, helped with snack time nap time and time out sessions.

Tina Calabro

Member Since: 2009

I am a professional writer and editor. I write a coumn about disability issues that is published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The column is entitled "Breaking Down Barriers". My son Mark Steidl is a high school student and AAC user. We heard Robert Watson speak at the 2009 Pittsburg Employment Conference for AAC users. His presentation convinced me that I need to keep the CP Group on my radar screen. I personally would be happy to provide advice and mentoring to individuals who are interested in writing as a career.

Dana E. Canevari

Member Since: 2005

I am an Advocate at an ILC in CT. I graduated in 1997 with a BSW from Southern CT State University. I have worked as an information & Referral Specialist, Assistive Technology Coordinator, and a Housing Advocate at various times in 5 yrs. In also currently serve as the Co-Chair of the New Haven Commission on Disabilities.

Claudia Rae Carlisle

Member Since: 2011

Chair of the Cunsumer Advisory Committee at Gillette Lifetime Clinic.