Frank Taverna

Member Since: 2004

I have a hard time with the mbta bus lifts people do not care. I work for home depot south bay mall that's all. I have cp and currantly do not have a job.

Margaret Thomas

Member Since: 2012

52 years of dealing with mild CP, my problems are primarily with mobility. I have nerve damage in my lower back. I have a BS Business Studies, (89) Basic Sign Language and 25 years of customer service and collections with the Federal Government.

John Roger Thompson

Member Since: 2000

I have an MBA (\'90) and BA in political science (\'81), both from Binghamton University. In addition to my sound educational background, I have strong communication skills. Unfortunately, I have not been able to utilize these qualities as I have lived in assisted living facilities for the majority of my life and have not been surrounded by people who were willing to advocate on my behalf with regard to exploring potential opportunities where I may be of service to others. This being said, I now realize that I must self-advocate in order to be of benefit to others as well as to myself.

Ann F. Todd

Member Since: 2009

Federal Government civil servant with almost 25 years of experience in the realm of Public Affairs, including writing and editing, graphic design, desktop publishing, and developing and maintaining websites. Many years ago I was a Congressional staffer and was fortunate to be the liaison in our office for the Americans With Disabilities Act. More recently, I was the Section 508 coordinator for my Agency. Generally speaking, however, my career has not been centered on disability issues or advocacy.

Leon S. Triest

Member Since: 2004

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem, PA, 1991-96 Member of the Board of Directors, United Cerebral Palsy of Lehigh Valley (1991) through merger with LARC to form VIA of the Lehigh Valley (1996) Represented the local affiliate on state (UCP of PA) and national (UCPA) levels Chair, Development Committee, 1991-94 Member of Merger Task Force, 1994-95 Vice President of the Board, 1995-96 VIA of the Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem, PA, 1996-Dec. 2002 Chair, Via Board of Directors, 1996-98 Member of the Board, 1996-02 VIA Events, Bethlehem, PA, 2000-Dec.

Morris Turner

Member Since: 2005

I graduated from Frostburg State University in 1990 with a BS Degree in Economics. In 1993, I was a Legislative Analyst for the U.S. House of Representative, Subcommittee on Select Education and Civil Right. I developed an ADA compliance outline to evaluate the accessibility of Federally owned and/or operated buildings. Conducted accessibility compliance surveys in Congressional Buildings. Advised staff on legislative policy development and oversight regarding the Rehabilitation Act and the ADA.

CHris Viau

Member Since: 2008

I can't talk, cannot move that good. I am a volunteer at the camp I go to.

Laura K Vogtle

Member Since: 2000

I have been an occupational therapist for many years, most of those spent working with children. As I have become older myself, I have become much more interested in what happens to all those children I worked with and what they are doing. At present, I am a university faculty member trying to do research on areas of interest to adults with cerebral palsy.

Betsy Walton

Member Since: 2000

I have a BS in Special Education with a Minor in Psychology. I have an M.Ed. in Developmental Reading. I was a successful Computational Math and Introductory Algebra tutor at a local community college for 16 years.

Matthew Wangeman

Member Since: 2006

Chairperson of the Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities for the State of Arizona. Project Specialist for the Institute for Human Development at Northern Arizona University. Master's Degree in City Planning from the University of California at Berkeley.

Jeri Esocoff Wasco

Member Since: 2005

Hayley Fiona Waters

Member Since: 2004

Writer/Consultant. Retired federal Service.: Moved back to Houston, Texas to be closer to family members. I enjoy cooking, knitting, reading, pets, swimming, and watching movies. Volunteer Treasurer in Legion of Mary for 1.5 years in Fredericksburg, VA. Ms. Wheelchair Maryland 2009. Served in Federal Service at NIH in Bethesda, MD. for 4.5 years. Master\'s Degree in Public Affairs 2001 at UT Austin. Bachelor\'s Degree from University of Houston in Psychology in 1996. I earned my GED in 1987.

Robert Steven Watson

Member Since: 2004

Robert Watson holds a bachelors degree in Social work from Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland and a masters degree in Non Profit Administration from University of Maryland in Baltimore. He is the Executive Director of DateAble Inc., a non-profit dating service for people with and without disabilities. He has been with Dateable for 18 years. He is also President of Independence Now an Independent Living Center in Maryland and advises many other disability advocacy organizations.

Thomas Webb

Member Since: 2005

Mr. Thomas Webb is a doctoral student in the Education: Innovation and Leadership program at Wilmington College in Delaware, and is a part-time faculty member at Chesapeake College where he teaches technology and psychology classes. He also directs a federal TRIO program designed to assist students who face challenges to their success at college. In November 2004, Mr. Webb started on the Board of Directors for Easter Seals Delaware and Maryland�s Eastern Shore. He is also the President of the Board of Directors for the Mid-Atlantic Therapeutic Riding Association in Worton, MD. Mr.

Mr Edward Willard

Member Since: 2005

Edward Willard, having cerebral palsy, has run the complete circle of receiving services, providing them, and working on policies around how services are delivered to people with disabilities. Edward, having resided in a ninety-six bed facility in Texas for five years, is a rabid advocate of building whatever supports individuals need to live in their communities. Doing policy change work in Texas for fourteen years, he co-founded the Texas Home of Your Own Coalition and Every Child of Texas.