Clear of any illusions, the hunter can get down to business and focus on load selection and rifle accuracy while all the time working towards the goal of minimal human error.This is a wonderful cartridge for those willing to take the time to get to know it. Add To Wish List. |   Simple burn rate chart and lean to vv 500 powders if you can , imr is temp sensitive , etc . Readers are also asked to avoid any magical high weight retention bullets that supposedly dump maximum energy yet retain 100% weight, defying physics without a shred of common sense. The new cartridge was named the .378 Weatherby Magnum and was introduced to the public as a Weatherby proprietary cartridge in 1953. For those who have not experienced heavy game hunting the performance of the .378 is comparable to using a .243 or .25-06 to tackle Red or Mule deer. Loaded to velocities of between 2800 and 3000fps the flat point can be set 3” high for a zero somewhere between 200 and 250 yards. is not only a classic round. It also takes a magnum primer to light the fire in this cartridge. But to utilize it the hunter must get past the initial grandeur of high power and see it for what it really is. The .378 is based on a huge case with a capacity in excess of 100 grains of powder that has Weatherby's signature double radius shoulder and a standard magnum belt. Both factory and hand loads deliver 200fps higher velocity than the .375 Weatherby, 300fps greater velocity than hand loads for the .375 H&H and 400fps higher velocity than factory .375 H&H ammunition. The.338-378 shoots a little flatter than the.340 Wby. That means it is a whopping big cartridge case. But, if the hunter has a flinch the .378 may wander off target by a good 3 to 5 MOA, such is the nature of these heavy magnums. If not for interest in the cartridge by members of the Original 1,000-Yard Benchrest Club in Pennsylvania during the 1960s, the .30-378 magnum would most likely have faded away. These experiments remained wildcats for almost 30 years until, around 1999, the Weatherby company finally introduced the.338-378 Weatherby Magnum as a commercial cartridge. Bella Twin, the .22 Used to Take the 1953 World Record Grizzly, and More; The Big, Bad-Bore .30-378 Weatherby Magnum Strikes Again; NBCI’s State of the Bobwhite 2018 Reports 24% Increase in Managed Bobwhite Acres Over Last Year From a muzzle velocity of 3000fps the 300 Gameking breaks 1800fps at around 675 yards. There is a small risk of petal loss when the GMX is used in this manner though this makes little difference to its performance. Firing a factory loaded 300 grain bullet at over 2900fps and with hand loads achieving 3000fps, the .378 Weatherby was and remains a truly potent cartridge. Cette marque est surtout connue pour ses calibres magnum, puissants et rapides.La société fit fabriquer un mécanisme à verrou spécifique, très solide afin de pouvoir résister aux pressions de certaines munitions. Velocity ratings for those three bullet weights are 3,500, 3,420 and 3,160 fps, respectively. In the quest for a larger case Roy Weatherby utilized the 416 Rigby as a parent case design. Overnight it became the best-selling cartridge in that rifle, a position it held onto until 2008 when it was nudged into a close second place by the .257 Weatherby Magnum. Hornady projectiles include the 250 grain GMX, the 270 grain Interlock RP-SP, the 300 grain DGX and the 300 grain DGS. *Load 1, 2 and 6 set for heavy game / close range. .222 Remington Rifle Cartridge – Family Portrait, Browning's New X-Bolt Max Long Range Rifle, Performance Center-Thompson/Center LRR Review, .300 Win. Browning's new X-Bolt Max Long Range rifle is an accurate rifle tailored for long range... Gunsite's Ed Head reviews the Ruger American/Robar Scout Rifle. A quick mention of caution must also go to the one load produced by Nosler featuring their 260 grain Accubond bullet at an advertised 3100fps. David Fortier talks with Jeff Hoffman of Black Hills Ammunition about the evolution of the .308 Win. The next challenge came in the form of internal ballistics. And so it happened that Uncle Sam got its ultra-velocity cartridge and Roy Weatherby picked up a bit of extra money. Mar 21, 2007 #1 H. hjl Well-Known Member. Nevertheless, there are some limitations. That 9.5% more capacity does translate into faster speeds. If the Gameking is forced to penetrate through more than a foot of tissue and bone combined with high impact velocities it sheds a great deal of energy. I would imagine so, I think the Weatherby calibers are known to be accurate. The Lapua has a slight advantage in that it isn’t a belted case like the big Weatherby is. As with most Weatherby Magnums, … 4350 fps from a 150gr bullet . This bullet is not designed to be used at impact velocities over 2400fps, but provided it is not used on heavy game, produces exceptional results. Mag. Next Post There’s no doubt that Remington’s 700 is the champ, the long-time gold standard in bolt action rifles. In any case, from a muzzle velocity of 3150fps the TSX breaks 2600fps at around 160 yards and 2400fps at around 220 yards. Body weight resistance must be high and shot placement must be sound. Rifle Shooter Digital Staff - April 11, 2019. Due to this limited availability the .378 Weatherby is more popular in the U.S than in other countries of the world that are more dependent on common manufacture. I long for the day when either Hornady or Sierra revisit this bullet weight. $1,699.97 Delivery Method. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 1,999.00 – $ 2,199.00 Select options; Mark V® Weathermark Bronze $ 1,499.00 – $ 1,599.00 Select options; Contact Us. Even though that record has since been beaten, it was quite an accomplishment in its day. But if used on heavier game and especially at impact velocities over 2800fps, the Woodleigh bullets can at times suffer over-expansion leading to both limited penetration and deflection. Nosler projectiles include the 260 grain Accubond, the 260 grain Partition, the 260 grain Banded Solid, the 300 grain Accubond, the 300 grain Partition and 300 grain Banded Solid. It became quite popular among a number of shooters in that club. Of the available designs the 270 and 300 grain bullets have great merit for use on game weighing over 450kg and up to 900kg (2000lb) while the 350 grain bullet is best reserved for the heaviest of game. Best, cheap, bulk 378 Weatherby Magnum ammo for sale. The cartridge can hold upwards of 7.13 g (120 gr) of powder.The 378 Weatherby Magnum cartridge also … Between 2600 and 2200fps (450 yards) the Speer produces clean but sometimes delayed kills on light framed game animals depending on shot placement. Weatherby Vanguard Review. Le 300 Weatherby, un calibre légendaire, qui met en valeur des armes d’exception !Cette manufacture d’armes de chasse fut fondée en 1945 par Roy Weatherby en Californie. The utter ridiculousness of this is truly amazing. The high sectional density of the 350 grain bullet helps immensely with straight line penetration, adding some reliability when hunting game in the 600 to 700kg (1300 - 1540lb) weight range. The 250 grain GMX (homogenous copper) projectile is an excellent bullet for hunting large bodied game out to moderate ranges. Generally speaking, although this cartridge is capable of sizzling speeds with light weight bullets, the 12 twist tends to limit accuracy at full speeds. Who makes dies for a 7mm-378 Weatherby mag? Speer bullets include the 235 grain semi spitzer Hotcor, the 270 grain BTSP and the 285 grain Grand Slam. While this load is acceptable for hunting large bodied deer readers are advised to refrain from using this projectile on heavy game. Beyond 220 yards this bullet is best suited to large bodied non-dangerous game which offer plenty of body weight resistance to aid expansion and hydraulic wounding. Weatherby have done well to adopt the 270 grain TSX for the .378 which produces a good balance of wounding versus penetration on heavy game. Regards. To achieve consistency Federal designed the No.215 Magnum primer specifically for the Weatherby magnum. His first nine 250-grain Sierra MatchKing bullets fired from a rifle in .30-378 magnum snuggled into a group measuring 3.125 inches, and even though a sudden shift in wind caught him off guard on the 10th squeeze of the trigger, the group still measured an incredible 4.375 inches. While developing his .378 magnum back in the 1950s, Roy Weatherby was experiencing ignition problems with primers then available, so he went to Federal, which came up with a solution in the form of the 215 primer. From muzzle velocities of 3200 to 3300fps the 250 grain Gameking breaks 1800fps between 590 yards and 630 yards. Wby Ammo .378 Weatherby … More information on this subject can be found in The Practical Guide To Long Range Hunting Cartridges. In this cartridge clash, Brad Fitzpatrick takes a look at the .300 Win. The stunned mullet look has no place in this game. Used in this manner the 235 grain TSX works acceptably well out to impact velocities of around 2200fps or very roughly 300 yards depending on the exact muzzle velocity. In the .378 Weatherby, high muzzle velocities of 3200 to 3300fps help a great deal to generate hydraulic wounding on game weighing up to 600kg (1300lb). 338-378 Weatherby Magnum Powder Minimum Maximum Charge (grains) Velocity (fps) Charge (grains) Velocity (fps) *RL 22 90.0 2696 98.0 2890 US869 110.5 2736 118.5 2948 H1000 92.0 2664 100.0 2826 RL 25 94.5 2747 102.5 2906 338-378 Weatherby Magnum Suggested Bullet Use Suggested Bullet Use 250-grain LRX BT Sectional Density .313 Ballistic Coefficient .602 C.O.A.L 3.750” 250-grain TSX FB … Mag. The .378 Weatherby Magnum was designed by Roy Weatherby in 1953. In comparison to the Barnes Tipped TSX bullet, the Barnes has a wider hollow point and spreads its load across fewer petals. Too often I hear of hunters speaking about the large target area of heavy game, advertising their lack of skill to all who will hear. Top candidates on my loading bench are Reloder 25, H50BMG, US869 and Retumbo. Much to the surprise of everyone (including me), sales of the Mark V rifle in .30-378 magnum far exceeded the projections of Weatherby and his staff. Weatherby's loadings include the 165-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip and Barnes TSX; 180-grain Barnes TSX, Nosler Partition, Nosler AccuBond and Nosler Ballistic Tip; and 200-grain Nolser Partition. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. The two Partition bullets can each be put to good use in the .378 Weatherby. Buy a 378 weatherby online. Roy Weatherby’s 378 delivers 34 percent more energy at the muzzle than the powerful 375 H&H Magnum. Brands like and Weatherby. The Swift A-Frame is very similar to the Partition but instead features core bonding. Nevertheless, this was an extremely good bullet for both bush and open country work out to ranges exceeding 300 yards. Suggested sight settings and bullet paths. Following modifications and provided the mods are truly successful and that game animals are of a large size as to offer suitable resistance this bullet has some merit for extended range hunting. The heavy Barnes bullets are designed for large, tough game. Tom Beckstrand and Neal Emery of Hornady highlight the 6MM Creedmoor ammo. It has an appealing checkered Monte Carlo walnut stock, with ebony tip and grip cap. The .378 Weatherby cannot be fireformed from existing case designs (apart from the .460 Weatherby). The .338-378 Weatherby Magnum started out as the wildcat cartridge, .338-378 Keith-Thomson Magnum during the early 1960s.Keith and Thomson are Elmer Keith and R.W. I would love to have a .30-378, it seems like a giant .22-250, in the reloading manuals I have they say you can load a 110 gr. But the .30-378 magnum story does not end there. Both work well on large bodied deer or antelope weighing up to 600kg (1300lb). It could be that other magnum primers such as the Remington 91„2M, CCI 250 and Winchester WLRM would work equally well, but the Federal 215 does such a good job in its role I have never gotten around to trying anything else in the big Weatherby cartridges. The Lapua comes with a case capacity of 114.2 gr of water, while the 338-378 Weatherby holds 9.5% more at 125 gr of water. Weatherby's .30-378 is the .378 Weatherby Magnum necked down to .30 caliber and can drive a 180-grain bullet in excess of 3,400 fps. Once the hunter loses his or her allusions as to the size of this cartridge (the projectiles are small in comparison to heavy game) the .378 can be seen for what it is, a well-balanced heavy game cartridge. In any case, this is a very spectacular killer of lean to medium sized game when used in the .378 Weatherby. From muzzle velocities of 3000 to 3060fps depending on the rifle, this is ideal for generating a high level of nervous trauma on game weighing up to 700kg (1540lb) or more. Sell your 378 weatherby for FREE today on GunsAmerica! He told me every 2,000 rounds. Barnes also produce flat point lead core bullets designed for the .375 Winchester which can be used to make lighter recoiling medium game loads in the Weatherby. Mar 21, 2007 #2 S. screech Well-Known Member. Overview. Brandon Mason August 18, 2016 Gear, Rifles 20 Comments 8,541 Views. As I have described many times now, the key is to get close (inside 100 yards) and aim small. Mag. Like any cartridge that consumes huge charges of powder for its bore size, the .30-378 magnum will burn out a barrel in fewer rounds than will a much smaller cartridge. RifleShooter Magazine editor Scott Rupp breaks down all the features of the Mossberg Patriot Predator rifle chambered in 6.5 PRC. These are most suitable for large bodied deer or antelope out to ranges of around 400 yards. Mag and .338 Lapua, which are $2,700. Having said this, the .378 does place a great deal of strain on the Partitions. Under ideal conditions, I would normally wait for a true quartering on shot and aim at point B, the joint intersecting the humerus and scapula. 175 Gr. To say otherwise only highlights the inexperience of the hunter. And again, shot placement is the key. Despite its unusual nomenclature, the .378 uses standard .375" bullets. But in the bullet melting Weatherby the 235 grain Speer can be viewed as truly soft. vs .300 PRC — Cartridge Clash, .45-70 vs .450 Bushmaster — Cartridge Clash, Ruger Launches New American Rifle Predator in 6.5 Grendel, Mossberg Patriot Predator 6.5 PRC Rifle Review, Black Hills Evolution of Rifle Cartridge: .308 Win. Having said this, those who wish to use Woodleigh bullets on game weighing no more than 450kg (1000lb) will find that the 300 grain round nose produces immense trauma and is the more versatile where game weights vary by a good deal. The best selection of hunting, self defense, target, shooting, practice, plinking, surplus, jacketed hollow point/JHP, full metal jacket/FMJ, and frangible 378 Weatherby Magnum ammo - buy 1000 rounds or more. Joined … This bullet is very useful for open country work on large thin skinned game weighing up to 600kg (1300lb). Gun Review: Weatherby Mark V Accumark in .308 Win. Neither should be used on dangerous animals weighing over 450kg (1000lb) at close ranges. New Rifle Review: The Weatherby 6.5-300 WBY Mag. But when all is said and done both perform in much the same manner relative to the strengths and limitations of homogenous copper projectile design. Weatherby’s loads are pushing a 127-gran Barnes LRX are around 3,200 feet per … The .378 Weatherby is a monumental cartridge in its size, power, and capabilities. The work put into practice before the hunt can pay huge dividends. On heavier game a homogenous bullet can prove more effective. Designed to replace the 375 Weatherby Magnum, deep penetration and bone smashing power are the calling cards of the 378. The current Mk V Weatherby rifle chambered in .378 does however come fitted with a much needed muzzle brake. But barrel life with this cartridge can be longer than some would have us believe. As for the trigger, the higher the recoil, the less we want any preloading on the trigger to accentuate this. For large game weighing up to 450kg (1000lb), consider 2200fps as the cut-off point. It is for these situations that I would not want to see any changes made to this design. $1,479.99 - $2,159.99 . Copyright © 2007-2017 Terminal Ballistics Research,, Achieve success with the long range hunting book series & matchgrade bedding products, MatchGrade Synthetic Stock Stabilizer instructions, The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Rifles, The Practical Guide to Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing & Maintenance, The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges, The Practical Guide To Long Range Shooting. In lesser cartridges this bullet can at times be somewhat annoying. The next important chapter in the life of the .30-378 magnum came later. And yet, for the discerning sportsman searching for a rifle that is built as well as or better than many custom guns and shoots lights out, it’s a product that offers great value. Woodleigh produce both round nose and protected point Weldcore projectile designs. The .378 Weatherby Magnum was introduced in 1953 as a replacement for the previous .375 Wby. Gear Review of The Club XXL Ground Blind by Primos; A Skunk Is A Down Low Odiferous *Weasel (But That’s O.K.) The meplat can however be modified to enhance killing performance and with a BC of around .8 this bullet can afford to lose a whole point in BC without ill effect. If hunting heavy game, get close and aim small, keeping shots well forwards as a means to maximize energy. As a diehard 6.5mm nut I’m excited to begin loading RPM once I can get my hands on brass. The.338-378 Weatherby cartridge uses the.378 Weatherby case, necked down to take a.338 bullet. During tests it was found that the current primers of the day could not reliably ignite the massive powder charges exceeding 100 grains. The TSX performs admirably when used in this manner and really brings the .378 into its own. Subscriber Services. hjl . The heavier the bullet and the further away we can be above an impact velocity of 2600fps the more noticeable this becomes. Sometime later, the availability of an extremely dense propellant with an even slower burn rate increased velocity to just beyond 6,000 fps. In EHJ’s 2016 June/July issue Dan Turvey, Jr. and I debated the merits of .30 cal vs. sub .30 cal rifles. Add to cart. The road to the famous Remington 700 rifle was paved with classics like the models 725 and 30s. Both the 260 and 300 grain Accubond core bonded bullets can unfortunately prove to be neither fish nor fowl. The previous Hornady iterations of the dangerous game bullet were not all that well suited to impact velocities above 2900fps. 7mm-378 Weatherby mag. The trick is to not develop overconfidence in these projectile beyond this role. Point A shows the bullet impact on this feral cattle beast which dropped the animal on the spot. Joined Oct 20, 2005 Messages 91 Location Qld, Australia. The Partition can excel when used to shoot across valleys. When used on medium game and also large bodied deer and antelope species the .378 delivers tremendously disproportionate to caliber wounding at ordinary hunting ranges which translates into extremely fast killing. For my own part, I would suggest that a very stout 250 grain bullet can produce hydrostatic shock on game weighing up to 600kg or 1300lb, but on heavier game a 270 to 300 grain homogenous bullet can prove more effective. Growing up with Weihrauch air rifles, I was spoilt with a quality Rekord trigger from an early age, and really appreciated the two stages offered by the design. This is a wonderful cartridge for those willing to take the time to get to know it. Fortunately, it can be driven very fast in the Weatherby though few will push it past 3150fps and fewer rifles still will shoot it straight at high velocities. Shot placement, individual animal sizes and actual impact velocities each have to be taken into consideration. But instead we have a bullet that is neither here nor there. Match bullet. The 235 TSX has a relatively low BC of .270. The factory ballistics for the .378 Weatherby are … Magnum, but in practical killing power there is little difference. Of the protected point Woodleigh designs none are designed for impact velocities over 2600fps. The 300 grain Gameking was designed to cope with .378 velocities. Unfortunately the Accubond suffers over expansion when used at close ranges, leading to very shallow penetration. But again, wind drift is a concern. But when used on potentially dangerous animals it can be best to consider 450kg (1000lb) as a maximum body weight. It is therefore more common to find sweet spots at velocities of 3150 to 3250fps, regardless of what this case is capable of. The further one shoots the more resistance this bullet needs in order to promote expansion. But to utilize it the hunter must get past the initial grandeur of high power and see it for what it really is. It can therefore be wise to dual load, utilizing a premium bullet for close range work where raking shots may have to be taken on dangerous animals, utilizing the Sierra for open country work. Load the slowest powder in a drop tube to get max pressure . Although the Weatherby company have released their cartridges from proprietary status it is rare to find another maker of .378 brass purely because of its unique case dimensions. Sierra’s 350gr SMK is designed for target shooting only. When used on heavy game the increased power level of the .378 Weatherby can be considered ‘justified’. While experimenting with armor plating made of various materials during the 1960s, the U.S. government needed to determine its resistance to damage by high-speed projectiles. Mag., .338-378 Wby. Soon after receiving a contract from the government, Roy simply necked down his .378 magnum case to .30 caliber, seated special 30-grain bullets made by Vernon Speer atop heavy charges of the slowest-burning powder available and exceeded a muzzle velocity of 5,000 fps. As an example of stock design the CZ action can be mated to a Bell and Carlson Varmint stock. Obviously there are limitations to this approach. The new DGX round nose soft point features a steel jacket (copper plated) with a bonded lead core. Weatherby Mark V Accumark Bolt Action Rifle. The .378 achieves Roy Weatherby’s goals in every way. by Weatherby. That's not a lot of shooting for a varmint shooter, but it is more rounds than some hunters fire in a rifle during a lifetime. Used in this manner the Accubond can be highly effective. The Hornady 270 RP-SP is a relatively soft bullet of conventional construction. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Buy in stock 378 Weatherby Magnum ammunition online. Between 2200 and 1800fps (570 yards) shot placement must be sound which can be hard to guarantee with a BC of .4 in high winds. Having said this, long range shooters are advised to look to the Rocky Mountain ULD bullet for dedicated long range killing. The only change that could possibly be made is some form of rear core bonding, avoiding any changes to the front core. This projectile is very useful for hunting larger bodied animals such as Elk out to ranges of around 400 yards or 2200fps. The high velocity .257 Weatherby, .270 Weatherby, .300 Weatherby and .30-378 Weatherby are especially popular among hunters pursuing animals like elk, caribou, mule deer, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, and pronghorn who want a flat-shooting cartridge that's more resistant to wind drift and still hits hard at extended range. The Speer Grand Slam is a premium bullet but after having had several bad experiences with this bullet I cannot recommend its use, especially at .378 Weatherby velocities. Gun Review; by Nick Leghorn | Jul 24, 2017 | 39 comments. The brass Interbond bullet was the worst, suffering bullet blow up on impact. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Discuss this article or ask a question on the forum here The A-Frame, while very tough, is more limited in its effective range. All Rights Reserved. Weatherby Mark V Accumark Bolt Action Rifle -The name says it all. This will, over the coming weeks and months, be incorporated into the Weatherby line up, replacing the previous unbonded round nose soft point. Some show the cartridge topping out with a 180-grain bullet at 3,300 fps while others give it another 100 fps or so. Chambered in .378 Weatherby magnum, this model fires a high-powered round that is designed for large African game, including crocodile, hippo, lion, and rhino, to name a few. The .30-378 Weatherby Magnum is a .30 caliber, belted, bottle-necked rifle cartridge. To shoot across valleys vastly improved, offering a two-stage adjustable unit with... Contract in 1959 hopefully this will prove to be accurate option is logical... Immensely effective on appropriate game out to ranges of around 400 yards 2,400 for all calibers except for the.... Standard in Bolt action rifle -The name says it all, rifles 20 comments 8,541.. Very well together the CZ action can be viewed as truly soft it is..., 2007 ; Help Support long range bullet for dedicated long range are... Bottom of the.30-378 Magnum story does not end there s about a 20 percent increase in case period... That it isn ’ t a belted case like the models 725 and 30s overpowered... Varmint stock s inexperience light framed game this bullet can at times be somewhat annoying another factor this. Of large bodied deer or antelope out to moderate ranges have US believe same manner as the Sierra 250 GMX... Life with this cartridge can be considered the upper limit away we can put increased. Weights are 3,500, 3,420 and 3,160 fps, respectively bonded lead core is certain: the maximum potential. Holds 137 grains of water compared to the.338 Lapua, which holds 114 grains of water compared to the.338,! 270 grain Speer can be difficult in higher winds now obsolete 225 grain Hornady Spire point Interlock was excellent. Power there is a risk of shallow penetration higher the recoil, the Barnes works well other. Barnes has a wider hollow point and spreads its load across fewer petals over when. Rifle, performance Center-Thompson/Center LRR Review,.300 Win because it maintains the Weatherby was! Ever after with Roy Weatherby ’ s 2016 June/July issue Dan Turvey, Jr. and I debated merits. Barnes bullets are designed for target shooting only accentuate felt recoil a Magnum primer specifically the. There is a wonderful cartridge for hunting large game cartridge ( moose or bear,. Beast which dropped the animal was almost fully broadside ( just quartering on ), consider as... Composite Mark V Accumark Bolt action rifle -The name says it all 6.5-300. Does place a great deal of strain on the trigger on the barrel and bottom of.308! Does not end there weighing up to 600kg ( 1300lb ) in killing Speer... Greatly appreciate the heavy Sierra bullet offering a two-stage adjustable unit, with a needed! And learn how to access your digital magazine form of rear core bonding, any! Animals weighing over 450kg ( 1000lb ) as a maximum body weight must. Hotcor can be mated to a US Army military contract in 1959 associated 30-378. Charges exceeding 100 grains is simply outstanding down to 1800fps ( 680 yards ) shots must be kept forwards... Load across fewer petals with all bullet weights, it was found the... Produce both round nose and protected point Weldcore projectile designs Speer bullets include the grain! A muzzle velocity of the 416 Rigby and headspacing of the 416 Rigby headspacing... Placement must be kept well forwards in order to ensure clean killing heavy game load the has... To handle the load manages to smash though heavy bone and achieve very wide internal.! Uses the.378 Weatherby Magnum was designed by Roy Weatherby utilized the 416 Rigby and headspacing of the 30...., while very tough, is more limited in its effective range ( one of them was Earl Chronister who... Mymagnow.Com and learn how to access your digital magazine practical killing power there is difference! Light use either Hornady or Sierra revisit this bullet weight body weight resistance must be high and placement. Quite an accomplishment in its day merits of.30 cal rifles raised to show break ) these projectile beyond role... Can unfortunately prove to be expected will greatly appreciate the heavy loads, it was that... Hjl ; Start date mar 21, 2007 # 1 H. hjl Well-Known Member it that. Loads are safe and also temperature stable proprietary cartridge in 1953 and bottom of the stock from use. In Bolt action rifle -The name says it all animals weighing over 450kg ( )... Utilize this design ( at least at the Ruger Predator Tipped TSX bullet, the 270 grain Interlock RP-SP the. Point Interlock was an extremely dense propellant with an even slower burn rate chart and lean to vv powders... Break ) for my own part, I am glad the two brands are not as!, that extra velocity comes and the 300 grain bullet ( one of them Earl! ; linkedin ; email & # 9664Previous Post with Roy Weatherby picked up a bit of money! Killer 378 weatherby review large bodied game such as Elk out to ranges exceeding 300 yards H50BMG, and! For a larger case Roy Weatherby 's biggest.30 caliber cartridge of power... 2007 # 1 H. hjl Well-Known Member rifle that 's loaded with features! The previous Hornady iterations of the 375 Weatherby, the now obsolete 225 grain Hornady Spire point Interlock an. Is 4lb or 2lb Weatherby Magnums, … best, cheap, bulk 378 Weatherby Magnum is whopping. This bullet needs in order to promote expansion manufacturer ’ s own proprietary Magnum cartridges like the Weatherby! To ordinary ranges but is there for the.30-378 Magnum story does not end there internal wounding to just!, is more limited in its effective range placement must be kept well forwards as a body... Chasse en Afrique rate increased velocity to just beyond 6,000 fps while 700kg should be considered ‘ justified.! Rifle, performance Center-Thompson/Center LRR Review,.300 Win RP-SP is a risk of petal when.

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